About Business Aviators

Business Aviators is a FAR Part 135 on-demand charter service and aircraft management company based in Wyoming. Headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, Business Aviators offers western hospitality, unmatched convenience and the highest possible level of service.

Business Aviators is based in Casper, Wyoming (CPR) with aircraft and operations in Fort Collins, Colorado (FNL) and Rockford, Illinois (RFD), and we can serve your travel needs around the globe.

Flight Department

Rest assured knowing that our pilots, mechanics and support staff have significant experience in the industry. All of Business Aviators’ pilots are FAA licensed, certified for each aircraft they pilot and undergo extensive, on-going training. In addition, all pilots receive annual simulator training at a nationally recognized training facility.


Beecher Strube – Director of Operations
– 32 years of flight experience
– More than 14,000 flight hours

Troy Eskew – Chief Pilot
– Over 30 years of flight operations experience
– Over 3200 hours of turbo prop and jet aircraft experience as a pilot

Christopher Cain – Director of Maintenance
– 6 years maintenance experience
– Experience in business class large jets / maintenance of aerial demonstration team aircraft